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Valentine's Day is weak

2011-02-12 12:53:47 by Sxafido

As I said before about Christmas, Valentine's Day has one real aim : making money. It's a social disaster : personally, I'm single and I don't care, but lots of single people feel horrible when they see so many couples having an insane public fun. And if I'm in love with someone, I won't wait Valentine's Day to have a nice date. There are lots of people who choose to live normally during this stupid celebration, and they're right.


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2011-02-12 13:39:59

ahhh come on grumpy! lol just have fun with it, doing something on a special day is the fun of it. every year i go out and get a dozen roses and hand one out to each of my best girl friends:) and they love it and i love them so yeah, its not all about romance bro

(Updated ) Sxafido responds:

Yeah, but think about single people. I think we have to be careful with all of these celebrations that are made just for money. I don't do anything on Valentine's Day, but I have lots of fun in my everyday life.