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Christmas sucks

2010-12-23 10:37:19 by Sxafido

Let's think together : what is Christmas?

I think Christmas is nothing but a commercial deep sh*t. And I don't say that because I'm a poor-little-puppy-who-is-alone-at-Chri stmas-and-who-is-jealous-against-every one. I'm not alone, it's just that I don't believe in God, so what's the point?

This year, I started to see Christmas sh*ts since the middle of september in the shops. In each village, in each town, it's the contest of the stupidest light thingy. Meanwhile, in France (yeah, I live in France), the government drives insane and there have been great demonstrations. But in the Christmas period, the worst laws ever written can be voted because nobody cares about that.

Otherwise, what's that thing? There are people in my family I'm glad to see (but I won't necessarly see them on the 24th), and there are other people I don't want to see. And I should have a giant dinner with them and act as I like them, waiting for 2011 when I can punch them in the face again? In the Christmas period, I want to be neither nicer, nor meaner. I just want to be normal and to live as usual.

Christmas is also a great period of suicides. Some teenagers (not me, I repeat), old persons and homeless people mostly feel depressed and can't stand that, so they die. But we can't talk about this, I would be bad for the "Spirit of Christmas". What is the "Spirit of Christmas"? Well, it consists about making people believe that they have the right to be happy during the month of december. And how can they be happy? Only by buying tons of useless things that they will offer to people that might not be satisfied with these.

I read somewhere that, with all the food that people eat on Christmas Eve, we could feed a third world child during one year. I'm not gonna tell you "think about the poor people and send 5$ per month to Africa" because this is useless. However, it's anoter debate.

So, here is what I think about Christmas and about all the great periods of consumption on which we put good feelings to make people forget that they are wasting their money in useless sh*ts. That was important for me to write this because that's a point of view that is rarely said, especially on TV. Tomorrow, for the second consecutive year, I'll do nothing because I don't want to get screwed up by the most insane celebration of the "advanced" society.


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