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Do someone need help?

2010-12-22 08:36:12 by Sxafido


If anyone looks for music or storyline on his/her Flash, I can provide help. As for the music, lots of people want rock songs. It's a little difficult for me because, for the moment, I don't have an electric guitar sound, but I just figured out how to get it. Now I think I'll have lots of new sounds in my music.

However, you don't need an electric guitar to make a rock song. As long as you have a dynamic drumbeat, I think you can have something similar to rock music.

As for the storyline, I like creating stories (I invented looooots of them since my childhood) so if anyone needs a story...

Currently, someone asked me to write music so if you need help maybe I can't provide it for the moment, but PM me anyway, I'll think about you.


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